Thursday, October 19, 2006

A few more workshops at the employment resource centre done and a visit to my wife's lawyer.
Looks like things are going upwards with us. With a bit of luck the legal problems of my wife will be resolved before the end of the week, and I got contacted by a recruiter who thinks he can set me up with a few job interviews. He sais that with my experience it should be not too hard to get me working pretty soon. So I hope the best of it :-)

Wednesday I had a course "Transition to Employment" in which things like counseling, job training, building experience and so on were discussed. And the possibility to contact a counselor to help you out. I asked the "teacher" if it would be a good thing for me to contact a counselor already sicne I'm only like one and a half weeks here. He told me just to call, better early than late. Despite of this I think I'll wait a bit and first see what the recruiter can do for me or if I can find something myself.

Today there was a course "howto contact prospective employers". The course was mainly about cold-calling. In the Netherlands they mean only calling by thelephone by this, but here it's also going there with your resume and asking if you can speak with someone from Human Resources. Or even sending in your Resume to a company that has no current job offers. It's worth to try if the current options do not give me results. First I'll try the traditional job-searching and I'll see what the recruiter will bring me.

Tomorrow I'll have a course in interview techniques, and also a course "How to get a job and keep it" I am sure they will tell me a lot of things again that I actually know, but they always can give me new advice. And this way I also get to know what is different in Canada compared to the Netherlands. With a lot of the courses there was a lot of "oh yeah, ofcourse" and repeating what I actiually kind of knew. Good refreshing of things. And some new things to think of. Therefore I just take any course that might be interesting in regards to getting a job. Ofcourse it does help that I've been through an outplacement traject in between my last two jobs. And the Mansal course "client aimed acting" I had a couple of years ago helps too. Apart from that there is also a lot of just being able to behave well and to think well. And prepare well. So I will take any help I can get :-D

Other than that things are going okay here. My wife is a bit ill this week, which doesn't really help. Catched a cold, severe headages and so on. Hope that will get better soon, cause it's not fun and it's also very bad for her mood. Oh well, we'll get through it.

Greetings to everyone reading this.
Hope things are going well for you.
Take care

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I arrived in Canada on sunday October 8th.
The flight was going well, but I had a hard time saying goodbye to my parents and sister. I know I am going to miss them a lot.

Going through customs wasn't a big problem either. Showed my papers, got a picture taken, got some folders and in Canada I was. Had to sign some papers too first though. It was good to get together with Alanna again. Tamara was there together with her too to pick me up.

Monday october 9th was thanksgiving.
A day with a lot of cooking going on. Nothing much else could be done anyway. We had stuffed turkey that night. Jaron's girlfriend Celine came over for dinner too. It was the first time I met her. She's a nice girl :-)

Tuesday I got my SIN. Thats a Social Insurance Number here in Canada. I need it to get things done in Canada like finding and taking a job, opening a bank account and so on. I also went to an employment resource centre to see what they could do for me in regards to finding a job. They set me in for a few courses to help me further. For last wednessday and thursday it was improvement of my resume and cover letter. the coming week it's going to be courses for changing to a job and contacting possible employers. And the week after I get a 3 hour course on negotiation for salary and things like that. Pretty nice they got things like that here... and all for free too.

Trying to get my OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) isnt' working yet. I got time to do that till January 8th though. I need proof that I am residing in ontario, which means a document that states I am living on the adress I do. his can be a bank statement, drivers test or something like that. But it hasto be from a canadian organisation and the list is limited too. So I'll haveto get me something like that... Might mean I haveto open a bank account soon.... Unless I find a different solution because there are some reasons for me not to take a bank account yet. I will not go into detals about that though.

Friday and saturday I bought missing parts for my computer like a computer case, modem, keyboard and monitor. The other parts I had taken with me from the Netherlands. So that together with getting the account working again makes that I'm back online. It's only a dialup connection though. Still... it's better than nothing. I plan to get on high-speed internet after I get a job and move with my wife and her kids to a new and bigger place to live. Also I haveto decide wether to go for Rogers (Cable) or Bell (ADSL) high-speed internet. At the moment it looks like it might be Bell, but I am not sure yet. There are some things I haveto find out first. I heard someone say something about limitations with Rogers (download limit... getting slower after certain amounts of data download) but one company selling rogers cable internet told me that for the regular and higher speed ones there would be no limits. (light and altra light have limitations but that's the same with Bell) Oh well, it's going to be a few months before I haveto decide on that.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. Possibly some shopping needs to be done and in the afternoon we have some things to do at the library. Also at 7 pm I am going to the first evening in a series of a course from teh catholic church here about catechism and so on.... together with my wife that is. For her it's good to learn more about being a Catholic, cause she wants to become one, and for me it's good to see how things are going in Canada and what's different here compared to the Netherlands. The service this morning had a lot of similar thigns I recognised from services in the Netherlands. I could even sing with the opening song, same melody as one sang in the Netherlands often, only an english text on it. I dodn't get the way the book for the service works yet though. So I hope they'll tell me during the course. Otherwise I'm sure I'll find ou in the coming weeks during the coming services....

So all in all things are going okay for me now.
Hope I'll find a job soon and get things going :-)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day.
Tomorrow I am goin gto move to Canada.
Packing was harder than I imagined, I have a suitcase more than planned and was able to take less stuff in it than I imagined. Or maybe I just have more than I imagined.
In a few moments I will also pack my small VIA EPIA computer as the last thing to pack, apart from my toothbrush and so. I might haveto repack some things though.

The last day's I have been very restless.
With the day coming closer and closer.
Said goodbye to many relatives and friends.
This afternoon still a quick visit to Scouting and tonight dinner with my parents and sister.
And than tomorrow morning I will be leaving for the airport.

I will miss things here.
I will miss my family and friends, the nice job I had, choir and even scouting somehow.
While I wasn't a scouting leader anymore for 3 quarters of a year already, I somehow still felt a bit connected. Funny how those things go. And I can see the people closest to me having problems too, feeling restless and already feeling the loss of having me close. The same counts for me ofcourse.

But at least I will be together with my wife tomorrow evening.
The day after it's thanksgiving and after that it will be starting a new life for me.
Find a job. After that find a better appartment to live in and get things going.
Hope that will not take too much time. I am sure as soon as I get a good job, everything else will be going well too.

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to the Netherlands.
I hope to be able to come back for a visit or vacation in 2008.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got my passport and visa back. So theoretically I can move to Canada now. My flight has been booked for October 8th so Canada... Here I come...

It's a weird feeling that in 2 and a half weeks I will be living in Canada. Doesn't even feel real. I guess when end of the month my job will end it might feel a bit more real. Although....

The coming time is a time to say goodbye to a lot of people. Coming sunday there is a dutch utopia meeting where I can say goodbye to some friends I made through that game and through other utopia meetings. Next week friday I have a meeting with a few friends from scouting and the weekend after that I have a weekend camp with my choir. And i am sure this is not everything for the coming weeks.

Meanwhile my windows computer is getting problems. The second memory bank on the motherboard seems to be broken. If I put a memory module in that one, I get memory problems with my computer. Well... if I do the computer will crash no matter what the operating system is. Luckilly the first and third bank do not give me problems (yet). Makes me wonder if I should take the computer with me to canada (or how many parts of it)

I am still wondering what to take with me and what not. How much will I be able to fit in my suitcases and will I take an extra suitcase with me. Costs to take an extra suitcase are considerably so I haveto decide if it's worth it to do so. Not a lot of time to decide that. Kind of hard to decide on anything lately anyway. I guess a lot will happen in the last day's and likely a lot of decissions will be taken at the last moment.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September has started and a lot has happened since the last post.
My wife has returned to Canada last friday (september 1st) and I haveto wait till october before I see her again.

The time with her was great but as always too short. The preparations for the wedding, last moment things brought some stress, as it always seems to do with weddings, but the weddingday was a great day. The weather was a lot better than predicted, the service in townhall and church were really great, with a great performance of the choir JokoTrees as well, and the party was really a blast. Weeks after I still get to hear compliments about the party :-)
Married now... Change of status and my visum + passport have been sent to the Canadian embassy again. Expected return time was 4 weeks so I should have it back halfway September.
I already booked the flight to Canada for sunday October 8th.

The last one and a half weeks of the vacation was mostly put into moving me out of my house. We still got time to go out some but well... work work work... had to get the house empty and reasonably clean. Untill I leave to Canada I am now living in with my parents.
It's going to be weird living in Canada. I used to be visiting my parents at least once a week, once living in Canada it will be more like once a year that my parents and I will meet. Ofcourse a meeting will than be a few day's or posibly weeks instead of a few hours but still...
And I will also surely miss a lot of other things in the Netherlands.
Haveto start a new life in Canada, but I am sure with the help of my wife I will be able to make it there.

The coming month will mostly be about preparing to leave and saying goodbye to a lot of people. We will be trying to have a meeting with the Hubertus stam, a dutch utopia meeting and I will be going on a weekend camp with the choir JokoTrees (a special camp because of the choir existing 35 years now).
One month in the Netherlands, and ofcourse back to work it is. I think the one and a half weeks of vacation end of August, where I had to move, did me well. My mind is clearer now again. I guess I needed it.

33 day's to go before moving to Canada.
A big step. In one way I am looking forward to it, being together again with my wife.
But it also brings me some fears. Starting a new life. Leaving everything behind.
I am going to miss things here a lot. And how easy of how hard will it be to build up a new life in Canada. How quickly will I find a job? Will I become homesick? Will my money last me till I find a job.
My own expectation is that I will be having a job before Christmas.
But it surely shouldn't be very much later or else...

Friday, July 21, 2006

I got my visa already end of June. I guess I got lucky :-)

There is ofcourse again something that I didn't take in account. Since I am going to get married this summer and the visa is given for a guy that is not married, the passport hasto travel up and back to the embassy in Berlin again after the wedding. Meaning that I cannot go to Canada together with my GF, than Wife, on September 1st. So I will move first week of october.

It's good to have my GF with me this and next month. But because of the hot temperatures she and her daughter haven't been doing much during the day while I am at work. Yesterday evening we got our wedding rings. So those are ready for the wedding too. Flowers have been ordered. Actually about everything has been done now.

The band playing at our wedding will be Music Unlimited. They were one of the two bands we choose initially but since the other band is having a vacation the choice was easy. We had listened to music of other bands toom, but they were just not as good...

Starting end of august the photoalbum on my website will go offline. Me moving out of my house and the photo's being on my computer at home kind of results into that. I have no idea if and when I would have photo's online again.

So things are going pretty well here. Which is a good thing ofcourse ;-)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Things are moving on.
My Passport is now in Berlin at the Canadian embassy. I should have it back halfway july including the permit to go live in Canada. I told my boss about it and planned my last vacation day's and last day at work. Time to let several companies know about me moving....

Alanna got the papers for the wedding ready now too. She will arrive on sunday July 2nd, together with her daughter Tamara, in the morning at schiphol airport. Monday July 3rd we will go to the town hall to get the papers checked and plan the wedding of August 11th. Alanna and Tamara will be staying for the months of July and August after which we plan to move to Canada together on September 1st. Her Son Jaron will be in the Netherlands for 1 week around our wedding.

Lots of cleaning to do the coming week at home. I guess Alanna won't apreciate it if I do not before she arrives. At least she mentioned something like that on the phone last tuesday. Oh well, shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's not so bad at the moment in my house anyway ;-)

Somehow Alanna doesn't seem to think that traveling by bike or on foot on our wedding day from one place to the other is a good thing. So I guess I'll haveto organise something for that. Not that I had really wanted to walk or cycle on that day either. But it's always nice to tease a little.

It's kind of a weird feeling that in a bit more than two months I am going to live in a whole different country. On the other side of the ocean. I guess I somehow haven't realized the full impact of it yet. It somehow doesn't feel real yet. It's a very weird feeling that I cannot really describe well. But I am sure I'll be okay and going to have a good time in Canada too.

Counting the day's till Alanna arrives. Or as I said it to her on the phone... 9 day's of freedom left.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The emigration buro has contacted me today. They received the papers asking me to do the medical exam needed for my emigration to Canada. I got a list with docters that can do the medical test and made an appointement for May 3rd. Before that I haveto get a picture of my longues.

So finally something is happening there. I had hoped to know by now if I would be able to emigrate but it's gonna be aproxemately another 8 weeks before that is settled. I hope I will have enough time left, assuming that the Canadian Embassy tells me that I can emigrate to Canada, to be able to leave early September. Since there will be a lot of things that need to be settled before I can move (end job, handle assurances and so on....)

At least something is happening now in emigration for me...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Getting married is not always very easy. Especially when you want to marry a foreigner. Getting all document timely is a pain. You need one document to get an other, but to get the other quickly, you actually would need that first document. Stupid paperwork.
But if all goes well I will get married on August 11th.

I've been ill for a couple of weeks. Some virus around my head and neck kept me home for a few weeks and I'm stil not fully recovered. I started working a week ago again though. My colleagues now at least say that a docter confirmed what they always said, that I am sick in my head.

The emigration procedure also seems to last longer than expected. A year ago the expectation was that the whole procedure might be about ready around this time, but I still even haven't got a letter to get a medical exam. And the final decission is dependent on the results of that medical exam. I hope that the whole procedure won't take too to long anymore or else I won't be able to move to Canada early september. Presuming that the Canadian government alows me to emigrate to Canada at all ofcourse.

Other than a bit too many worries I am actually doing not too badly. Been reading a lot the last month. First I read the Shannara series (the original trilogy, the heritage and the voyage of the Jerle Shannara) and now I am reading the Serpentwar Saga from Rayond E. Feist. It is a way to relax for me and those series are great to read. If you like fantasy books you will like these too.

Almost easter... time for eggs...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yesterday I bought myself a new domain:
This weekend I'll just copy my current page there with some small changes. After that I hope to have time to make something more of that page.

Next week, saturday Januari 14th, I finally get to see my Girlfriend again. Going to visit het in Toronto for 3 weeks. I am looking very much forward to that. It has been 5 months since we've been together. Way too long a time. Can't wait to feel her arms around me again.