Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I somehow seem to need to tell my Girlfriend that it is not a smart idea to hurt herself. She somehow seems to be good at it. She broke her wrist a week ago when she fell. All these kind of things make it for me even harder to be living apart. Because I cannot be with her when she needs me.

Work is still going great. I like my job and have fun there. It's also always nice to see how certain processes in a company go. And it is really great to be able to help improving processes by improving and changing the software they are using for it.

VGA-Planets is still going nicely. I got contact with one of my new neighbours now by e-mail. While in message we seem to get close to a solution, in the game the actions seem to point towards something else. Possibly that I'll haveto ask an other neighbour to help me if things do not improve to defend my own territory. But I see things possitively still...
Still number one in the rankings but that doesn't really say so much for the real strength of my race yet.

I am looking forward to next weekend. Scout-in is coming up, a camp where scouting leaders from whole the netherlands come together to have fun and get new idea's for programs and for the kids. The group of leaders from my scouting group that is going isn't too big though.


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