Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday was nice.
Had a BBQ at my grandmothers place in the big garden with the family. Was lots of fun and well... enough meat and beer around too. Somehow that seems to get back at you the day after though....

So other than the BBQ it was a very quiet weekend, which isn't too bad. Gives me some time to relax and get the batteries up for the working week.

Another turn of VGA-Planets came in and I donot seem to do too bad. Ofcourse it's only the start of the game yet but still I am having the most points of all. Oh well, only one planet more than the others but still... Built my first freighter. It's a different way of playing than normally, because normally I try to steal them at one of my neighbours. Oh well... something different for a change. I found some good planets to send a full freighter too :-)

Had to get out this evenign still to fill up my car with Diesel. There was a fuel sale this weekend so I better filled it up now. Saves me a couple of euro's. Is always good to have :-) It's more than enough to buy myself the cup of soup I have each day at work for the coming week...

Other than this all there is not so very much going on in my life. I talk each day to my girlfriend. Most of the time online but we had a couple of phonecalls this week too. I wish I could just be there with her instead of having to do with only phonecalls and messenger chats. This winter I will go visit her again, but I still haveto see when. I hope to know this soon.

I guess I better just have a cup of tea now and go to bed. Gonna be a busy week again. And with the way I am feeling today I hope to be okay again tomorrow. Being at work is much better than being ill at home.


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