Friday, April 21, 2006

The emigration buro has contacted me today. They received the papers asking me to do the medical exam needed for my emigration to Canada. I got a list with docters that can do the medical test and made an appointement for May 3rd. Before that I haveto get a picture of my longues.

So finally something is happening there. I had hoped to know by now if I would be able to emigrate but it's gonna be aproxemately another 8 weeks before that is settled. I hope I will have enough time left, assuming that the Canadian Embassy tells me that I can emigrate to Canada, to be able to leave early September. Since there will be a lot of things that need to be settled before I can move (end job, handle assurances and so on....)

At least something is happening now in emigration for me...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Getting married is not always very easy. Especially when you want to marry a foreigner. Getting all document timely is a pain. You need one document to get an other, but to get the other quickly, you actually would need that first document. Stupid paperwork.
But if all goes well I will get married on August 11th.

I've been ill for a couple of weeks. Some virus around my head and neck kept me home for a few weeks and I'm stil not fully recovered. I started working a week ago again though. My colleagues now at least say that a docter confirmed what they always said, that I am sick in my head.

The emigration procedure also seems to last longer than expected. A year ago the expectation was that the whole procedure might be about ready around this time, but I still even haven't got a letter to get a medical exam. And the final decission is dependent on the results of that medical exam. I hope that the whole procedure won't take too to long anymore or else I won't be able to move to Canada early september. Presuming that the Canadian government alows me to emigrate to Canada at all ofcourse.

Other than a bit too many worries I am actually doing not too badly. Been reading a lot the last month. First I read the Shannara series (the original trilogy, the heritage and the voyage of the Jerle Shannara) and now I am reading the Serpentwar Saga from Rayond E. Feist. It is a way to relax for me and those series are great to read. If you like fantasy books you will like these too.

Almost easter... time for eggs...