Friday, June 23, 2006

Things are moving on.
My Passport is now in Berlin at the Canadian embassy. I should have it back halfway july including the permit to go live in Canada. I told my boss about it and planned my last vacation day's and last day at work. Time to let several companies know about me moving....

Alanna got the papers for the wedding ready now too. She will arrive on sunday July 2nd, together with her daughter Tamara, in the morning at schiphol airport. Monday July 3rd we will go to the town hall to get the papers checked and plan the wedding of August 11th. Alanna and Tamara will be staying for the months of July and August after which we plan to move to Canada together on September 1st. Her Son Jaron will be in the Netherlands for 1 week around our wedding.

Lots of cleaning to do the coming week at home. I guess Alanna won't apreciate it if I do not before she arrives. At least she mentioned something like that on the phone last tuesday. Oh well, shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's not so bad at the moment in my house anyway ;-)

Somehow Alanna doesn't seem to think that traveling by bike or on foot on our wedding day from one place to the other is a good thing. So I guess I'll haveto organise something for that. Not that I had really wanted to walk or cycle on that day either. But it's always nice to tease a little.

It's kind of a weird feeling that in a bit more than two months I am going to live in a whole different country. On the other side of the ocean. I guess I somehow haven't realized the full impact of it yet. It somehow doesn't feel real yet. It's a very weird feeling that I cannot really describe well. But I am sure I'll be okay and going to have a good time in Canada too.

Counting the day's till Alanna arrives. Or as I said it to her on the phone... 9 day's of freedom left.


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