Friday, July 21, 2006

I got my visa already end of June. I guess I got lucky :-)

There is ofcourse again something that I didn't take in account. Since I am going to get married this summer and the visa is given for a guy that is not married, the passport hasto travel up and back to the embassy in Berlin again after the wedding. Meaning that I cannot go to Canada together with my GF, than Wife, on September 1st. So I will move first week of october.

It's good to have my GF with me this and next month. But because of the hot temperatures she and her daughter haven't been doing much during the day while I am at work. Yesterday evening we got our wedding rings. So those are ready for the wedding too. Flowers have been ordered. Actually about everything has been done now.

The band playing at our wedding will be Music Unlimited. They were one of the two bands we choose initially but since the other band is having a vacation the choice was easy. We had listened to music of other bands toom, but they were just not as good...

Starting end of august the photoalbum on my website will go offline. Me moving out of my house and the photo's being on my computer at home kind of results into that. I have no idea if and when I would have photo's online again.

So things are going pretty well here. Which is a good thing ofcourse ;-)