Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got my passport and visa back. So theoretically I can move to Canada now. My flight has been booked for October 8th so Canada... Here I come...

It's a weird feeling that in 2 and a half weeks I will be living in Canada. Doesn't even feel real. I guess when end of the month my job will end it might feel a bit more real. Although....

The coming time is a time to say goodbye to a lot of people. Coming sunday there is a dutch utopia meeting where I can say goodbye to some friends I made through that game and through other utopia meetings. Next week friday I have a meeting with a few friends from scouting and the weekend after that I have a weekend camp with my choir. And i am sure this is not everything for the coming weeks.

Meanwhile my windows computer is getting problems. The second memory bank on the motherboard seems to be broken. If I put a memory module in that one, I get memory problems with my computer. Well... if I do the computer will crash no matter what the operating system is. Luckilly the first and third bank do not give me problems (yet). Makes me wonder if I should take the computer with me to canada (or how many parts of it)

I am still wondering what to take with me and what not. How much will I be able to fit in my suitcases and will I take an extra suitcase with me. Costs to take an extra suitcase are considerably so I haveto decide if it's worth it to do so. Not a lot of time to decide that. Kind of hard to decide on anything lately anyway. I guess a lot will happen in the last day's and likely a lot of decissions will be taken at the last moment.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September has started and a lot has happened since the last post.
My wife has returned to Canada last friday (september 1st) and I haveto wait till october before I see her again.

The time with her was great but as always too short. The preparations for the wedding, last moment things brought some stress, as it always seems to do with weddings, but the weddingday was a great day. The weather was a lot better than predicted, the service in townhall and church were really great, with a great performance of the choir JokoTrees as well, and the party was really a blast. Weeks after I still get to hear compliments about the party :-)
Married now... Change of status and my visum + passport have been sent to the Canadian embassy again. Expected return time was 4 weeks so I should have it back halfway September.
I already booked the flight to Canada for sunday October 8th.

The last one and a half weeks of the vacation was mostly put into moving me out of my house. We still got time to go out some but well... work work work... had to get the house empty and reasonably clean. Untill I leave to Canada I am now living in with my parents.
It's going to be weird living in Canada. I used to be visiting my parents at least once a week, once living in Canada it will be more like once a year that my parents and I will meet. Ofcourse a meeting will than be a few day's or posibly weeks instead of a few hours but still...
And I will also surely miss a lot of other things in the Netherlands.
Haveto start a new life in Canada, but I am sure with the help of my wife I will be able to make it there.

The coming month will mostly be about preparing to leave and saying goodbye to a lot of people. We will be trying to have a meeting with the Hubertus stam, a dutch utopia meeting and I will be going on a weekend camp with the choir JokoTrees (a special camp because of the choir existing 35 years now).
One month in the Netherlands, and ofcourse back to work it is. I think the one and a half weeks of vacation end of August, where I had to move, did me well. My mind is clearer now again. I guess I needed it.

33 day's to go before moving to Canada.
A big step. In one way I am looking forward to it, being together again with my wife.
But it also brings me some fears. Starting a new life. Leaving everything behind.
I am going to miss things here a lot. And how easy of how hard will it be to build up a new life in Canada. How quickly will I find a job? Will I become homesick? Will my money last me till I find a job.
My own expectation is that I will be having a job before Christmas.
But it surely shouldn't be very much later or else...