Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got my passport and visa back. So theoretically I can move to Canada now. My flight has been booked for October 8th so Canada... Here I come...

It's a weird feeling that in 2 and a half weeks I will be living in Canada. Doesn't even feel real. I guess when end of the month my job will end it might feel a bit more real. Although....

The coming time is a time to say goodbye to a lot of people. Coming sunday there is a dutch utopia meeting where I can say goodbye to some friends I made through that game and through other utopia meetings. Next week friday I have a meeting with a few friends from scouting and the weekend after that I have a weekend camp with my choir. And i am sure this is not everything for the coming weeks.

Meanwhile my windows computer is getting problems. The second memory bank on the motherboard seems to be broken. If I put a memory module in that one, I get memory problems with my computer. Well... if I do the computer will crash no matter what the operating system is. Luckilly the first and third bank do not give me problems (yet). Makes me wonder if I should take the computer with me to canada (or how many parts of it)

I am still wondering what to take with me and what not. How much will I be able to fit in my suitcases and will I take an extra suitcase with me. Costs to take an extra suitcase are considerably so I haveto decide if it's worth it to do so. Not a lot of time to decide that. Kind of hard to decide on anything lately anyway. I guess a lot will happen in the last day's and likely a lot of decissions will be taken at the last moment.


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