Thursday, October 19, 2006

A few more workshops at the employment resource centre done and a visit to my wife's lawyer.
Looks like things are going upwards with us. With a bit of luck the legal problems of my wife will be resolved before the end of the week, and I got contacted by a recruiter who thinks he can set me up with a few job interviews. He sais that with my experience it should be not too hard to get me working pretty soon. So I hope the best of it :-)

Wednesday I had a course "Transition to Employment" in which things like counseling, job training, building experience and so on were discussed. And the possibility to contact a counselor to help you out. I asked the "teacher" if it would be a good thing for me to contact a counselor already sicne I'm only like one and a half weeks here. He told me just to call, better early than late. Despite of this I think I'll wait a bit and first see what the recruiter can do for me or if I can find something myself.

Today there was a course "howto contact prospective employers". The course was mainly about cold-calling. In the Netherlands they mean only calling by thelephone by this, but here it's also going there with your resume and asking if you can speak with someone from Human Resources. Or even sending in your Resume to a company that has no current job offers. It's worth to try if the current options do not give me results. First I'll try the traditional job-searching and I'll see what the recruiter will bring me.

Tomorrow I'll have a course in interview techniques, and also a course "How to get a job and keep it" I am sure they will tell me a lot of things again that I actually know, but they always can give me new advice. And this way I also get to know what is different in Canada compared to the Netherlands. With a lot of the courses there was a lot of "oh yeah, ofcourse" and repeating what I actiually kind of knew. Good refreshing of things. And some new things to think of. Therefore I just take any course that might be interesting in regards to getting a job. Ofcourse it does help that I've been through an outplacement traject in between my last two jobs. And the Mansal course "client aimed acting" I had a couple of years ago helps too. Apart from that there is also a lot of just being able to behave well and to think well. And prepare well. So I will take any help I can get :-D

Other than that things are going okay here. My wife is a bit ill this week, which doesn't really help. Catched a cold, severe headages and so on. Hope that will get better soon, cause it's not fun and it's also very bad for her mood. Oh well, we'll get through it.

Greetings to everyone reading this.
Hope things are going well for you.
Take care


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