Sunday, October 15, 2006

I arrived in Canada on sunday October 8th.
The flight was going well, but I had a hard time saying goodbye to my parents and sister. I know I am going to miss them a lot.

Going through customs wasn't a big problem either. Showed my papers, got a picture taken, got some folders and in Canada I was. Had to sign some papers too first though. It was good to get together with Alanna again. Tamara was there together with her too to pick me up.

Monday october 9th was thanksgiving.
A day with a lot of cooking going on. Nothing much else could be done anyway. We had stuffed turkey that night. Jaron's girlfriend Celine came over for dinner too. It was the first time I met her. She's a nice girl :-)

Tuesday I got my SIN. Thats a Social Insurance Number here in Canada. I need it to get things done in Canada like finding and taking a job, opening a bank account and so on. I also went to an employment resource centre to see what they could do for me in regards to finding a job. They set me in for a few courses to help me further. For last wednessday and thursday it was improvement of my resume and cover letter. the coming week it's going to be courses for changing to a job and contacting possible employers. And the week after I get a 3 hour course on negotiation for salary and things like that. Pretty nice they got things like that here... and all for free too.

Trying to get my OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) isnt' working yet. I got time to do that till January 8th though. I need proof that I am residing in ontario, which means a document that states I am living on the adress I do. his can be a bank statement, drivers test or something like that. But it hasto be from a canadian organisation and the list is limited too. So I'll haveto get me something like that... Might mean I haveto open a bank account soon.... Unless I find a different solution because there are some reasons for me not to take a bank account yet. I will not go into detals about that though.

Friday and saturday I bought missing parts for my computer like a computer case, modem, keyboard and monitor. The other parts I had taken with me from the Netherlands. So that together with getting the account working again makes that I'm back online. It's only a dialup connection though. Still... it's better than nothing. I plan to get on high-speed internet after I get a job and move with my wife and her kids to a new and bigger place to live. Also I haveto decide wether to go for Rogers (Cable) or Bell (ADSL) high-speed internet. At the moment it looks like it might be Bell, but I am not sure yet. There are some things I haveto find out first. I heard someone say something about limitations with Rogers (download limit... getting slower after certain amounts of data download) but one company selling rogers cable internet told me that for the regular and higher speed ones there would be no limits. (light and altra light have limitations but that's the same with Bell) Oh well, it's going to be a few months before I haveto decide on that.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. Possibly some shopping needs to be done and in the afternoon we have some things to do at the library. Also at 7 pm I am going to the first evening in a series of a course from teh catholic church here about catechism and so on.... together with my wife that is. For her it's good to learn more about being a Catholic, cause she wants to become one, and for me it's good to see how things are going in Canada and what's different here compared to the Netherlands. The service this morning had a lot of similar thigns I recognised from services in the Netherlands. I could even sing with the opening song, same melody as one sang in the Netherlands often, only an english text on it. I dodn't get the way the book for the service works yet though. So I hope they'll tell me during the course. Otherwise I'm sure I'll find ou in the coming weeks during the coming services....

So all in all things are going okay for me now.
Hope I'll find a job soon and get things going :-)


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