Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day.
Tomorrow I am goin gto move to Canada.
Packing was harder than I imagined, I have a suitcase more than planned and was able to take less stuff in it than I imagined. Or maybe I just have more than I imagined.
In a few moments I will also pack my small VIA EPIA computer as the last thing to pack, apart from my toothbrush and so. I might haveto repack some things though.

The last day's I have been very restless.
With the day coming closer and closer.
Said goodbye to many relatives and friends.
This afternoon still a quick visit to Scouting and tonight dinner with my parents and sister.
And than tomorrow morning I will be leaving for the airport.

I will miss things here.
I will miss my family and friends, the nice job I had, choir and even scouting somehow.
While I wasn't a scouting leader anymore for 3 quarters of a year already, I somehow still felt a bit connected. Funny how those things go. And I can see the people closest to me having problems too, feeling restless and already feeling the loss of having me close. The same counts for me ofcourse.

But at least I will be together with my wife tomorrow evening.
The day after it's thanksgiving and after that it will be starting a new life for me.
Find a job. After that find a better appartment to live in and get things going.
Hope that will not take too much time. I am sure as soon as I get a good job, everything else will be going well too.

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to the Netherlands.
I hope to be able to come back for a visit or vacation in 2008.


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